Fruits & Vegetable “Ozone” Cleaning & Disinfection: Continuous Batch Process


Conventionally food grade different forms of chlorine based chemicals are used for surface cleaning for dust & bacteria’s but in these process pesticides & insecticides are not cleaned by these chemicals. On the contrary there are residuals of these chlorine based chemicals are left over the surface of fruits & vegetables.
Latest Technique is to clean Fruits & vegetables with water enriched with dissolved ozone.

Advantages of ozone cleaning:

1. Ozone is generated at the point of use.
2. No transportation involved.
3. No storage involved.
4. Ordering & inventory control is not required.
5. Ozone quickly oxidizes most known pesticide & insecticides.
6. Result by- product is environment Friendly.
7. Ozone is the strongest disinfectant.
8. Excess residual ozone is harmless & naturally gets degraded to harmless oxygen (O2).

List of equipment’s:

a. Two containers A & B.
b. SS-304 carriage
c. 2.5 gm/hr ozone generator + 2,000 CFM air pump
d. ½ ton – 3meter Chain Pulley
e. 6” x 4 meter I beam

Cleaning Procedure:

1st stage : Pre – wash using ozonated water for dirt & debris cleaning.
2nd stage : Soaking in enrich Ozone water for disinfection & chemical oxidation.

Step by step process of continuous batch cleaning:

1. Fruits & vegetables are arranged in the perforated basket.
2. These baskets are loaded in stainless steel carriage.
3. This carriage is submersed in first ozonated water containers.
4. Air pumping is given for turbulence & agitation for 5 – 10 mins (depending on the physical dirt) to performance pre – wash.
5. Lift carriage from first container dip/submerse in second container for Ozonation for 10 – 15 minutes as per demand.
6. Lift it & empty the carriage to load new load.
7. First container can be used for 3 – 4 cycles for pre wash & then entire water can be drained & filled with fresh water.
8. Second container can be used for 6 – 8 repeat cycles of Ozonation & then can be drained & filled with fresh water.

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